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This is the legacy, unsupported version of tools with lots of bugs etc. You can switch to the new version here

This is the tools section I often use. I had to remove some tools, but the core functionality is still there.
Note it's a mess, it's still a mess because the code wasn't changed... Yes, this is the 2011 code, sorry. However, this may get better someday, because as previously stated, this is still being used by me even after 4 years.
Note #1: These transform functions work on selection, or on the whole text if nothing selected. Regex search and replace doesn't (except replace all), because that would not make any sense.
Note #2: This textarea is not safe for binary strings -> 0x0d/0x0a are treated different, inconsistent way
Note #3: You can use Ctrl+R to redo last used transform function (works on selection too).
Note #4: By regex here I mean JavaScript regular expressions. (with ES6 unicode support). I realize that the "multiline regex" checkbox is misleading - if you check it, ^$ will work per-line, if you uncheck it, they will work on the whole text


hex data
hex data

at the of each line
from the of each line
chars lower than and higher than

Unicode maps:

Unicode combining characters:

Unicode normalization:
Unicode tricks:
Line: 0 | Column: 0 | Position: 0 | Length: 0 (0) | Words: 0 min. word length: 1
occurences of : 0

with Regex replace examples:
Press 'Next' to start matching.
Match found @ position , match length:
columns to
columns from additional textarea at column
elements/columns separated by
by column
Set of elements here with elements in additional textarea
of elements
with (str&key format: numbers separated with ",")

+ Show additional textarea

JS Expression Evaluator:

Modulo Calculator: (uses native ints, for numbers less than 252 only, and some functions are brute-force, sorry...)
Modulus: (0 = off)

Modulo independent:


Chinese Remainder calculator:
x = mod
x = mod
x = mod

Number base converter:
Number base: (or "IP")

Permutations tool:
Map form:
Cyclic form:


Link generator:

Hamming distance (binary):

Combinatorics stuff:
Multiset: ()

of length
of length
into to sets

Starting from:
Skip first items
Max items to generate:

Items generated: 0